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Terra electronics

TERRA UAB is a manufacturing company operating in the field of design, production and marketing of high quality equipment related to the reception and distribution of TV signals.

TERRA experience goes back to the very end of 1980s when company provided analog tuners and LNBs for the Lithuanian and Russian markets. Since then company have established itself as a leading manufacturer of cable, satellite and terrestrial TV equipment in the Eastern Europe region.

TERRA stresses the importance of research and development. An original design and manufacturing experience enable us to take a clear view of the market needs. The full use of modern electronics and information technology, including high volume SMD pick and place machinery, reflow and wave soldering, precision measurement and product control, allows us to be entirely focused on the product quality.

The continuous development of highly innovative new products, fully adapted to the demanding requirements, allows the company to provide the products to the diversified international market covering Europe, Asia, Australia and South Africa.

The key factor of our company is to offer the customers optimal and innovative CATV and SMATV solutions.

Line distribution amplifiers

Models: DA123, DA123P, DA124, DA124P (Output level 122 dBµV) and DA133, DA133P, DA134, DA134P (Output level 127 dBµV).

17 cable system

Models: MS1751 and MS1752 multiswitches.

Compact Modular Headend - CMH 3000

Main system features, Riceivers-modulators and Twin TV channel converters, Twin TV modulators, Output amplifiers, etc.

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