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Company Inform Elektronik, was established in 1980 with the aim of designing and building power electronic equipments. Soon after, it diversified into the production, and marketing of standard professional electronic equipment, and special projects. The company has 35,000 m² closed production area, committed to the manufacturing of electrical products and electronic equipment. Its distribution network extends at five continents demonstrating its adaptability to different markets and their conditions at around 65 countries.

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Exide Technologies Industrial Energy

Exide Technologies Industrial Energy is a global leader in stored electrical energy solutions for all major critical reserve power applications and needs. Standby power applications include communication/data networks, UPS systems for computers and control systems, electrical power generation and distribution systems, as well as wide range of other industrial standby power applications. With a strong manufacturing base in both North America and Europe and a truly global reach (operations in more than 80 countries) in sales and service, Exide Technologies Industrial Energy is the best positioned to satisfy your back up power needs locally as well as all over the world.

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CAVEL coaxial cables

Italiana Conduttori S.r.l. has been producing CAVEL coaxial cables since 1968. During these years the company has achieved a continuous rate of growth and a major recognition in both Italian and international markets.

Document 001PDF TERRA: SATV-CATV equipment

TERRA UAB is a manufacturing company operating in the field of design, production and marketing of high quality equipment related to the reception and distribution of TV signals.

Power One Системи Power supplies

Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) - Static UPS from 400VA to 800kVA; AC/DC Distribution Systems; Rectifiers and Chargers; Voltage Regulators, Static & Servo Controlled Type.

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