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Since more then 40 years, LOCATEL provides reliable solutions and services to the hospitality industry. Main activities are focused on TV sets and interactive systems supplying with more then 600 000 rooms already equipped over Europe. With a local representation in more then 30 countries, LOCATEL is ranking n˚1 among all Europeans competitors and is able to cover most of the hotels needs. From manufacturing to aftersales systems, from initial request to customer satisfaction, LOCATEL gives life to any project in audiovisuals and multimedia applications.

MultiMedia Channel

Multimedia Channel® is the new high-developed hotel interactive system from LOCATEL, the company that is ranking n˚1 in the develop of interactive TV for hospitality industry. Our philosophy is simple: excellent integration of audiovisual and multimedia technology, i.e. a solid mastery of the information, telecom and systems technologies that enables excellent interactive experience to the consumers.

The simplicity, velocity and high reliability are the highest advantages of system, and of course, they have huge importance in the new <<on screen>> world.

According to the long-standing experience in hospitality industry, LOCATEL was developed Multimedia Channel® system with one goal satisfying the guest and hotel needs.

MultiMedia Channel - Guest functions:

  • Welcome message
  • Personal message
  • Group message
  • Language choice
  • Wake up
  • Digital Pay - TV
  • Pay-TV playlist
  • TV guide
  • Hotel info / services
  • World time
  • View bill
  • Check out
  • Games

Particular functions for hotel crew:

  • Technical defects reports in the rooms – the guests over the TV device send reports to the hotel technical service
  • Room status – the room status information are send to the reception
  • Usage of the mini bar – the guest use of mini bar is counted over the TV device
  • Data processing
  • Central adjusting and programming of all parameters
  • Automatic diagnostic status

LOCATEL Internet Internet High Speed Access (LIHSA)

Using up-to-date technology, LOCATEL enables simple and fast Internet access. LIHSA (Locatel Internet High Speed Access) is intended for your guests with LAPTOP PCs who want to connect to the Internet. The use of this service automatically is transferred on the guest bill.

LOCATEL has 98% of successful connections on the Internet. The “Plug-and-play” technology and support center turn out to be fast, easy and quality service for the hotel guests.

Philips iTV

With more than 5 million TV installed in a hotel rooms around the world, Philips offers widest choice of hotel iTV models with excellent image quality, top design and acceptable price.

The Ideal TV device choice for hotels and apartments is prepared for expanding of Pay TV and InfoHotel systems. There are many models on Philips iTV device.


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