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Italiana Conduttori S.r.l.

CAVEL coaxial cables

Italiana Conduttori S.r.l. has been producing CAVEL coaxial cables since 1968. During these years the company has achieved a continuous rate of growth and a major recognition in both Italian and international markets.

Today the company plant and offices, occupying a surface area of 15.000 sqm, are situated in Gropello Cairoli, some 30 km from along the A7 motorway from Milano en route Genova. Yearly production generates an output over 100.00 kms coaxial cables. This result has been achieved due to a determinate policy of continuous investment.

The confidence and reliability of CAVEL products is guaranteed by:

  • The careful selection of suppliers;
  • The use of the best scientific equipment for the study, development, testing and control at all stages of production;
  • The attainment of Quality Accreditation UNI EN ISO 9002 specs, issued by the national CSQ certification body and international certification network IQNET.

All coaxial cables are in compliance with the international standards: EN, IEC, CEI, UTE, BS, DIN and MIL specs.

Standard Coaxial Cables (Screening attenuation > 75 dB) - SAT501: Excellent subscriber coaxial for narrow or crowded duct; it is a miniature RG59 type suitable for single satellite drop line. More >>

Class A Digital Drop Coaxial - CAVEL DG drop coaxial series is optimized for transfer of digital signal. More >>

Multicore Coaxials - Today, both single and community satellite reception systems are often provided with a dual-feed parabolic antenna i.e. where the satellite dish is provided with two LNBs suitable for receiving signals from two different satellites or groups of them. More >>

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